Celebrating the Olympic Games

To celebrate the Rio Olympic Games we have enjoyed our own Mini-Olympics at St Joseph’s. We have also had a great visit from Coach Approach. This gave us the chance to learn shot put and relay running from real athletes. We also got to learn some circus skills, try a hip hop routine and learn all the basic taekwondo moves. It is great to discover that we can be active and healthy doing lots of fun activities.

As part of our unit on Healthy Habits we are making a schedule of the physical activity we do each week. We are also thinking about the food we eat and asking whether our food really is as healthy as it claims. We have discovered that sometimes food packaging tells us that things are really good for us but once we check out the nutritional panel we aren’t so sure. Everyone in 3/4F now knows how to find out if a food is really good or us or not.

Check out our Coach Approach photos:

Celebrating the Olympic Games on PhotoPeach


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Survival on Earth at Werribee Zoo

Yesterday, we went to Werribee Open Range Zoo to find out all about how animals and plants survive. We heard about the many endangered species on the earth and how Werribee Zoo is working to prevent the animals and plants becoming extinct. Our favourite part of the day was the trip in the Safari Bus to see the wild animals up close. Here is a slide show of our day.

Excursion to Werribee Zoo on PhotoPeach

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We are loving Coding

In 3/4F we have been having a lot of fun learning to code using the website code.org. At first, we thought it would be really hard but we discovered that if you start off easy you can work your way up to the harder problems. If you haven’t tried coding before you should have a go.

Code image



What is an Effective Learner?

In 3/4F we have been brainstorming ideas about what makes an effective learner. We have tried to put our ideas together into one sentence. We had a really good discussion about this and shared lots of ideas. This is what we came up with:

Effective Learner

Our visit to the Immigration Museum

This week we visited the Immigration Museum to learn more about the immigration stories of all the people who have made Australia their home. Lots of us have come from different countries to join the indigenous people of Australia. Together, we make Australia a very interesting place to be. At the museum, we got to understand what it was like to immigrate to Australia by acting out some of the famous stories from the museum. Since we came back to school, we have been reading, talking and writing about those stories and sharing our thoughts on the immigration experience. Check out our photos from our museum visit (and thank you to Pat who shared the stories with us).

Immigration Museum Visit on PhotoPeach

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Writing great narratives

This week in 3/4F, we have been talking about narratives. We have learnt that adjectives and adverbs can make our narratives much more interesting to read. We looked at the sequence of pictures below and we tried to tell each other the story of the pictures. The first time it was okay but I thought we could do better. As a class, we brainstormed lots of adjectives and adverbs and tried to add them to our story. This is what the amazing students of 3/4F came up with:

Sequenced story pictures

One scorching hot day, a grey haired old man took his hairy, black dog to the beach. The gentleman was wearing an old fashioned, fancy suit, pink socks and his lucky hat. He set up his chair on the soft sand ready to read the newspaper and have a nap.

The tide slowly approached the shore and crept closer to the man on his chair. Suddenly, the dog began yapping and yelping. The sleepy old man finally woke up and got a horrifying shock. The tide had come in and the man was soaked.

The elderly gentleman quickly hopped up, grabbed his chair, his newspaper and his dog and stomped furiously to the shore and got out of the water. His face was red with embarrassment.

How good is that!

Mrs Foley

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Safer Internet Day 2016

Today was Safer Internet Day. In 3/4F we spent time talking about how we can enjoy using the Internet safely. We talked about not sharing our personal details, being polite and kind online and only playing games with friends or family. We had a look at some problems we sometimes face on the Internet and thought about the best way to handle the issue.  We also made a commitment to making the Internet a safe place for everyone. Have a look at the posters we made to show what we learnt about using the Internet safely.



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Hello 3/4F

Welcome back to school! I am so excited to get to know all the new students in 3/4F. We have got a great year ahead.

What have you been up to in the holidays? I went to Brisbane to visit my family.  Then we drove to Lennox Head. Do you know where Lennox Head is? I will give you a hint. It is north of Melbourne but not as far north as Brisbane. Have a look at a map and see if you can find Lennox Head.

During the holidays, I also went bowling with my children, did lots of swimming and went to watch the tennis.

I would love to hear about your holiday. Why don’t you send me a comment about your holiday?

Mrs Foley

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Term 4 is here

We are back and ready to start the last term of 2015. This will be a very busy term for us so we need to have our thinking caps on and be ready to learn lots and have fun in Term 4.

Our Inquiry topic for Term 4 is Why is the Earth in a Spin? We will be finding out about how the Earth moves around the Sun. We have begun by using Google Earth to see some amazing images of our Earth, Sun and Moon. This is a great topic with lots of interesting learning, especially on our Excursion in Week 4. I wonder where we are going? What do you think?

This term we will also celebrate our First Eucharist. We will be learning all about Who is Jesus? and getting ready for our special day later in the term.

Of course, Term 4 also means lots of fun activities as we prepare for Christmas and wrap up the school year.

What are you looking forward to this term? Write and let me know.

Mrs Foley

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Using Materials Responsibly

In our Inquiry unit, What’s the Matter? we conducted experiments on heating and cooling solids and liquids. We also talked about natural and processed materials and made a list of the advantages and disadvantages of using these materials. We conducted the Rot and Remain experiment where we observed how quickly paper, plastic and fabric deteriorated when it is buried in soil.

Now I want to know what you think. What materials should you use to:

  • Put your shopping in at the supermarket. Why?

  • Bring your lunch to school in. Why?

  • Bring your swimming things to school for swimming lessons. Why?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the material you chose for each of these jobs. Send me a comment at the end of this post and let me know what you think.

Mrs Foley

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