Archive | May 2017

We Do 2.0 Lego

In today’s class 3/4F built and programmed ‘Milo the Mars Robot’ as part of the We Do 2.0 Lego activity. The class was divided into groups of three and allocated the roles of either the constructor, finder or chromebook. Roles were swapped after every 10 steps ensuring everyone had a fair go building, constructing or finding pieces to build Milo. Once built, Milo was connected to the chromebook and by using coding was controlled to either move forwards and backwards or make sound. The activity was engaging and allowed for students to use team work skills to build Milo together successfully.

Maths in 3/4F

We have been learning about addition and today we did an activity called Connect the Numbers. You can find the activity in Maths on the Go Book 2 by Rob Vingerhoets. The students worked in pairs to make as many addition problems as they could using a list of numbers. All of the addends and sums had to appear on the list. Students got bonus points for writing addition problems with 3, 4 or more addends.

The great thing about this activity is that it worked for everyone in the class no matter what their ability. The book provides three versions of the activity so I could give the students a range of numbers that worked for them. I loved watching how different pairs worked together. It is fantastic to see students who are not confident in maths working really hard to do the best that they could. The very best thing about this class was watching lots of heads bent down, thinking, talking and engaging in maths without even realising they were doing it.

Later this term, we will do this activity again but, this time, we will use mixed operations. My students tell me they are all ready working on their equations that will earn them bonus points.