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Celebrating the Olympic Games

To celebrate the Rio Olympic Games we have enjoyed our own Mini-Olympics at St Joseph’s. We have also had a great visit from Coach Approach. This gave us the chance to learn shot put and relay running from real athletes. We also got to learn some circus skills, try a hip hop routine and learn all the basic taekwondo moves. It is great to discover that we can be active and healthy doing lots of fun activities.

As part of our unit on Healthy Habits we are making a schedule of the physical activity we do each week. We are also thinking about the food we eat and asking whether our food really is as healthy as it claims. We have discovered that sometimes food packaging tells us that things are really good for us but once we check out the nutritional panel we aren’t so sure. Everyone in 3/4F now knows how to find out if a food is really good or us or not.

Check out our Coach Approach photos:

Celebrating the Olympic Games on PhotoPeach


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