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What is an Effective Learner?

In 3/4F we have been brainstorming ideas about what makes an effective learner. We have tried to put our ideas together into one sentence. We had a really good discussion about this and shared lots of ideas. This is what we came up with:

Effective Learner

Our visit to the Immigration Museum

This week we visited the Immigration Museum to learn more about the immigration stories of all the people who have made Australia their home. Lots of us have come from different countries to join the indigenous people of Australia. Together, we make Australia a very interesting place to be. At the museum, we got to understand what it was like to immigrate to Australia by acting out some of the famous stories from the museum. Since we came back to school, we have been reading, talking and writing about those stories and sharing our thoughts on the immigration experience. Check out our photos from our museum visit (and thank you to Pat who shared the stories with us).

Immigration Museum Visit on PhotoPeach

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