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Writing great narratives

This week in 3/4F, we have been talking about narratives. We have learnt that adjectives and adverbs can make our narratives much more interesting to read. We looked at the sequence of pictures below and we tried to tell each other the story of the pictures. The first time it was okay but I thought we could do better. As a class, we brainstormed lots of adjectives and adverbs and tried to add them to our story. This is what the amazing students of 3/4F came up with:

Sequenced story pictures

One scorching hot day, a grey haired old man took his hairy, black dog to the beach. The gentleman was wearing an old fashioned, fancy suit, pink socks and his lucky hat. He set up his chair on the soft sand ready to read the newspaper and have a nap.

The tide slowly approached the shore and crept closer to the man on his chair. Suddenly, the dog began yapping and yelping. The sleepy old man finally woke up and got a horrifying shock. The tide had come in and the man was soaked.

The elderly gentleman quickly hopped up, grabbed his chair, his newspaper and his dog and stomped furiously to the shore and got out of the water. His face was red with embarrassment.

How good is that!

Mrs Foley

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Safer Internet Day 2016

Today was Safer Internet Day. In 3/4F we spent time talking about how we can enjoy using the Internet safely. We talked about not sharing our personal details, being polite and kind online and only playing games with friends or family. We had a look at some problems we sometimes face on the Internet and thought about the best way to handle the issue.  We also made a commitment to making the Internet a safe place for everyone. Have a look at the posters we made to show what we learnt about using the Internet safely.



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