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Term 4 is here

We are back and ready to start the last term of 2015. This will be a very busy term for us so we need to have our thinking caps on and be ready to learn lots and have fun in Term 4.

Our Inquiry topic for Term 4 is Why is the Earth in a Spin? We will be finding out about how the Earth moves around the Sun. We have begun by using Google Earth to see some amazing images of our Earth, Sun and Moon. This is a great topic with lots of interesting learning, especially on our Excursion in Week 4. I wonder where we are going? What do you think?

This term we will also celebrate our First Eucharist. We will be learning all about Who is Jesus? and getting ready for our special day later in the term.

Of course, Term 4 also means lots of fun activities as we prepare for Christmas and wrap up the school year.

What are you looking forward to this term? Write and let me know.

Mrs Foley

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