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Book Week 2015

This week we celebrated Book Week. The theme for this year was Books Light up our World. As part of our celebrations we visited the Screen Worlds exhibition at ACMI. The exhibition showed us all about how the moving image has developed over the past 100 years. We especially enjoyed watching the Zoetrope and doing our dance moves in the Time Slice machine. Screen Worlds is a permanent exhibition so maybe you can revisit it with your family.

ACMI Picture


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What’s the Matter – heating solids

This week, we conducted our own experiments on heating solids. We talked about what happens to a solid when it is heated. Is it still a solid or has it changed? How does it fit into the container? Do all the solids change in the same way when we heat them?

To record our experiments we completed a Science Report. A Science Report is a lot like a procedure (which we are doing in Writing) so parts of it were easy. We also had to write about the changes we observed when we heated the solids and draw a diagram of what we observed. To make sure we had an even better record of our experiments each of our groups chose one student to be a photographer. Check out the photos of our experiments.

http://Science Experiment : Solids, Liquids and Gases on PhotoPeach

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