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Science is amazing

This week we had a visit from Ben from Fizzics Education. Ben showed us lots of cool experiments with liquid nitrogen. It was incredible to watch the balloon shrink and then inflate again. Mandy almost had her head frozen and Eddie got a surprise when the balloon full of water burst on his head. We learned lots of interesting things about solids, liquids and gases and how things change when they are heating and cooled. But, most of all, Ben told us that a great scientist is someone with imagination and creativity. Wow! We all thought you had to be super smart at maths and science to be a good scientist but now Ben got us thinking that maybe what we need to do is to ask lots of questions and to think about unusual stuff. What do you wonder about science?

Stay tuned for some photos of our incursion.

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Welcome to Term 3

Term 3 is off and running. We have begun our new RE unit thinking about what it means to be a HERO. What does it take to be a hero? Who are the people we think of as heroes? We had a look at what Kid President had to say about heroes. Have a look at the video. Afterwards, tell me who your heroes are?

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