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Indigenous Australians

In Term 2 we have been thinking about ‘Who Lived Here First?’ All the students in 3/4F made a presentation to demonstrate their learning. Have a look at the work of one of our Grade 3s.

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Term 2 is almost over

We are almost at the end of Term 2. Only two more weeks to go before the holidays.

We have had a busy term. We have been finding out all about Who Lived Here First? We visited Cranbourne Botanical Gardens, learnt how to write reports, tried all sorts of new activities in measurement and learnt all about Forgiveness and Healing. We are preparing for our First Reconciliation in  few weeks. It will be a special time for all of us as we think about ways we can forgive and seek forgiveness in our lives.

3/4F, my questions to you are: What is the activity you remember most from this term? What is something new you have learnt? Is there something you really didn’t enjoy?

Tell me what you think about this term but don’t forget to justify your answer. Give me some examples and, maybe, suggest something that you would like to do in Term 3.

Mrs Foley

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