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Menu Planning for Maths

Today we got together with 3/4M to do a joint maths activity. Working in pairs, the students had to plan a dinner party for 6 people. They had to choose food for an appetiser, main course and dessert. Oh, and don’t forget some drinks. The students used supermarket catalogues to choose their food. The whole meal had to cost less than $60. The students had to use their addition and subtraction skills to calculate how much their food cost and how much change they would have left from $60.

Some great meals were planned and no one ran over budget but the very best bit was watching the students work together in their teams. Great work 3/4F & 3/4M!

Have a look at the fun we had.

Menu Planning on PhotoPeach

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Visit to Royal Botanical Gardens Cranbourne

As part of our Inquiry unit on Who Lived Here First? we visited the Royal Botanical Gardens in Cranbourne. We completed the Shared Country program. We tasted foods eaten by Aboriginal people such as finger limes and lemon myrtle tea. We made ochre paint using rocks and we saw lots of tools used by Aboriginal people to hunt and prepare food. Taegan and her mum took some fantastic photos and Taegan made an excellent Powerpoint presentation. I have used Taegan’s photos to made this slide presentation. Have a look and tell me what you think? 3/4F – which activities do you enjoy most? What did you learn on your visit to Cranbourne? What would you like to learn about now?

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