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Getting to know other 3/4 classes

Today we had a great visit from 3/4AJ. We spent the morning together meeting our new buddies, learning all about life in their school and playing together in our playground. We discovered that we like to do many of the same things at school and at home. We also discovered some differences in our lives as 3/4 students. Now, we want to stay in touch with our new buddies and share our journey through Grade 3/4 through our blogs.

Have a look at the pictures of our day together and check out our blogroll to find a link to 3/4AJ’s blog.

We would like to thank 3/4AJ for their visit. It was great getting to know other students. We are looking forward to our return visit later in the year.

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Where we live and why do we care about our land?

 As part of our Geography unit on where we live in the world, we had a visit from Delsie Lillyst. Delsie is the Aboriginal Education Officer from the Catholic Education Office. She is one of the Gundjitmara people whose land is in the south-west of Victoria. Delsie talked to us about the connection Aboriginal people have to their land and how important this is in their lives. She shared information about the way in which the lives of Aboriginal people have changed over the years and how her people pass their stories down through generations through songs, dance and storytelling.

Delsie told us the story of her grandmother, her mother and her own children to show us how life has changed for each generation of Aboriginal people. We loved having Delsie visit our school. (Mrs Foley’s favourite bit was when Delsie told us she is a Collingwood supporter 🙂

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