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Snapshot Writing

To kick off our unit on narratives we got our imaginations working with some snapshot writing. Here are a couple of examples of the great work of 3/4F.


The Strange Bike

Once upon a time there was a man that was a biker. He owned 5 bikes. He would ride a bike twice every day. But, there was something strange about one of his bikes.

One day, he was about to go for a ride on one of his bikes. He took the very strange one.

While he was going for a ride he heard the bell of the bike ring. “What was that?” said the biker. “That was strange…….” He continued to ride his bike.

Then, his bike made a screeching sound. “What or who is making that sound?” he said in a worried voice. He stopped his bike and then laughed. “It’s just my imagination! Hahahaha” he said while laughing. “Oh wait, where in the world am I?” said the biker. “Oh no, I forgot my compass. I’m lost”.

A few seconds later, his bike disappeared. “Uhh… bike. It’s gone.”

And then he had to walk home.

By Taegan




The Legendary City Forest

One day I was going to the city with my bike and I tied my bike to a pole. Then the city was turning into a forest and everyone was running for their lives and I was too. Then, when I got home I remembered I forgot my bike so I went back but then the vines were trying to wrap me. I ran back home and went to my garage and took some tools and went to the city forest. I cut the vines and I took my bike home.

By Henry





Hi, my name is Mia. Today, I’m going camping with my family. My dad is so excited because he is going to put up the tent in the campground. Then, someone called, it was the bully. The bully’s name is Hanki. He is mean, nasty, awful and dangerous. I listened to what the bully was saying. He said that he would love to join us camping. I covered my ears. I couldn’t listen anymore. Then, the worst thing happened. My dad said, “Of course”. Then he said the bully could share my tent. I ran outside and screamed loudly. I couldn’t stand it anymore. So I told my dad. He told everyone that the camp was cancelled. And Hanki went home.

By Mina



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