Using a wiki for ICT

This term we have been using a wiki in our ICT classes. We created a WebQuest on which included lots of ICT activities related to our Inquiry topic, Healthy Habits, Healthy You. The activities included using a Lotus Thinking Chart to organise our ideas, creating a word wall using Tagxedo, making a healthy menu using Excel (and graphing the sugar content of our meals) and making a flyer promoting healthy habits in Publisher.

One of the advantages of our WebQuest is that students could work at their own pace. Some students completed activities quickly while others needed more time to see things through. Another thing that worked with our WebQuest was that students could access all their activities without help. All they needed was a username and password and they could work independently.

We enjoyed the WebQuest so much we are going to do it again in Term 4. I would love to hear what you think about your ICT classes this term. What did you like? What would you like to change next time?

Mrs Foley

19 thoughts on “Using a wiki for ICT

  1. I like the ICT page because we got to do things on our own pace without waiting for the teacher to tell us what to do at her own pace and other kids pace and when we didn’t have the ICT page we had alot of problems which wasted our time and something I don’t like about it is that if we forget the password and the username we can’t get into the ICT page at home.

    FROM: Amy in yo class

  2. I liked everything, especially the food activites. I also liked that we could do things at our own pace. Maybe you could get some games that would work. Can you bring back some of the old activities for next term? Maybe a few more new activities.
    I wonder what we are going to learn next term.
    Here’s a face that I made 🙂

  3. i loved it so much i hope we do more mine maps it was so fun i loved it i liked the most the flyer was easy the mind map was hard for me i think i need more practise so can you please help me with the mind map

  4. I liked everything in webquest but maybe new games that could work including voki i hope next term it will be better than this term

  5. Dear Mrs Foley,
    The webquest was the funnest thing we have done.
    I was happy that we can go on our own pace.
    We had a lot of problems like we cant go on to some of the games put I loved it.
    From a student from your class Jade.

  6. Mrs Foley I liked the menu planing the best and I dont want to change the webquest because I like the way it is.The boring part was the flyer because it only had 1 fact and the most confusing part was tagzedo but when you told me how I was pretty confident.

  7. Hi Mrs Foley,
    I loved the student WebQuest, I liked the games and since I could play Jimmy’s Thirsty I found out how to play, it was pretty awesome but my dislike is the mind map, but I know it’s important but it’s hard to think with the noise of people chit-chatting.
    That’s my opinion.

  8. Dear Mrs Foley,

    I liked the webquest but i didn’t love it,
    because some of the games didn’t work
    and we did spent a lot of time to finish it,
    I ike doing Tagxedo and the mind map for some reason.

    From your faithful student: Kim Tran

  9. I liked the wiki because we could play games.
    My favourite writing thing is the flyer and mind map.
    We had a lot of problems but it was still fun.

    From Anna.

  10. I liked wiki because we get to create things such as: the flyer, mind map and planning. My favourite is the mind map and I hope next time most of the games work.:(:(:):)

  11. Dear Mrs Foley,
    I really like the activities you posted on the Webquest. My favourite activity was taxedo and Menu planning.But I kinda didnt like the games because they were a bit boring.

    From your student Trinity

  12. Dear Mrs Foley,
    I have struggled in computers but now i feel confident. It is my first time using ICT and it is interesting


  13. dear Mrs Foley,

    I really liked the web quest and the most favourite one that I like is the mind map because i really helps me keeping track on what I know about healthy habits and food.

    P.S it helpted heeps thx for being the best teacher ever.


  14. Dear Mrs foley
    i liked playing the games beacuse they were fun but puut more games
    next time
    i did not lke making the flyer and mind map.

  15. Dear Mrs Foley,
    I really think your blog is one of the best in the school! And I also like the ICT webquest, it is very fun for me when we do it with Miss Murphy! My favourite game on ICT wequest is making the pizza.

    From, 🙂
    Chloe 3/4M

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