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Taking Action

The students of 3/4F amaze me every day. This is my latest example.

As part of our Term 2 Inquiry topic, Survival on Earth, the students completed an investigation on a question they had about the topic. They had to write a report, make a 3D model and do an oral presentation. I also challenged the students to take action on their question.

Jimmy’s question was, ‘Why do pandas eat bamboo?’ After completing his investigation Jimmy decided to take action by writing an article about the plight of pandas and submitting it to the school newsletter. Even though the class got busy with lots of other activities Jimmy never forgot about his action item. He worked hard to write a persuasive text and emailed to the Deputy Principal. He listened to advice and suggestions and edited his work. Finally, Jimmy’s action item was ready and it has been published on the school website. Check out and go to News & Events to see the full text of Jimmy’s letter.

I am so proud of Jimmy and his commitment to finishing his investigation and taking action. This is how we make our learning real and help our students to understand how they can make a difference in the world.

Like I said, the students of 3/4F amaze me.



Commonwealth Games – Glasgow 2014

This week lots of our work is focused around the Commonwealth Games which begin on July 23rd in Glasgow. 3/4F really enjoyed this video about the Commonwealth Games mascot, Clyde the Thistle.

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Welcome to Term 3

Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed your holidays. I know it has been a bit cold and wet but it has been good to have a little break from school. I don’t know about you but I am feeling relaxed and rested and ready to get back to school.

This term we are introducing a whole lot of new activities to Grade 3/4. Our Integrated Studies topic is Healthy Habits, Healthy You: How do I develop Healthy Habits and why do I need to? We will be learning all about the six things we need to do to be happy, healthy young people. Did you know that if you create good healthy habits now it will make it much easier to be healthy when you are older. That’s right. It all starts TODAY!

I think you are going to love some of our activities. We will be using Voki to learn about health. In ICT, you are going to do a WebQuest and in Week 3 the whole school will celebrate Healthy Habits Week with lots of information, lunchtime activities and fun. Mr Hodgson might even have a little present for you all.

What do you think you need to do to be healthy? Tell me what you already know about health.

Mrs Foley

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