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Wrapping up Term 2

Term 2 is over and we are all looking forward to our holidays. Before we finish I want to celebrate the great work of 3/4F in our Integrated Studies topic, Survival on Earth. Our class has learnt a lot about habitats and animals but the best bit is that we have completed our own investigation. Every student thought of a question they wanted to find out more about but when I showed them  their task they were a bit worried. They had to complete 5 different activities:

  1. A written report

  2. A graph or table

  3. A 3D model

  4. An oral presentation

  5. Take action (on their topic)

Lots of students said ‘I can’t do all that’ but you know what, they did! I am so proud of the work they did and I hope that all the students in 3/4F have developed confidence in their skills. To celebrate the great work I have made a collage of the 3D models made by the students. Check out the creativity and the artistic skills they show. Well done 3/4F! You are a champion class.


Survival on Earth collage



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World Cup kids style

Today we took on 3/4M in a World Cup challenge. 59 students and 2 super competitive teachers. We ran, we kicked, we cheered and we SCORED!

It came down to a tense finish with Miss Murphy representing the Yellow team (Brazil) and Mrs Foley playing her heart out for the red team (Croatia). The in form Miss Murphy triumphed over the injured but determined Mrs Foley. That took the scores to 5 all. A draw!

Damian conducted the post match interviews with the two team captains (who were too puffed to answer his questions).

What is your class planning to celebrate the World Cup? Tell us all about it. Who is your favourite team in the World Cup?

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Creating models in Model Magic

As part of our Integrated Studies topic, Survival on Earth, we are practising techniques we can use to make a 3D model which represents our Inquiry question. This week we learnt how to model animals using Model Magic. Our frogs have a big, wide mouth and a long tongue with a fly on the end. Some of us will use these frogs as part our own Investigation. Some of us will use the techniques we learnt to make other models. Check out a collage of our artistic efforts.


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