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Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day

What a blast! Today we participated in Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day. Together with our  buddy class (1/2MB) we made Rainbow Wraps for lunch. After a hard week of NAPLAN tests we all enjoyed a great activity where we celebrated good food and fun. We grated beetroot, carrot, cabbage and pear, we learned how to mix salad dressing and we wrapped it all up in wholemeal wraps. The Grade 3/4s helped the Grade 1/2s to safely use a box grater and to accurately measure ingredients. Thanks to Mrs Bonso and Grade 1/2MB for joining us in the Food Revolution and thanks to Jamie Oliver for encouraging all children to get involved in preparing and eating great tasting healthy food. Check out our slide show and let us know what you think about our cooking skills. YUM!


Food Revolution Day on PhotoPeach


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Jungle Habitat under Threat

Yesterday we enjoyed a great incursion. The Drama Toolbox came to our school to show us the Jungle Habitat under Threat show. We all got to be part of the show (except Mrs Foley who would have loved to have been a Scarlet Macaw). We also learned a lot about how animals will suffer if their habitats are destroyed by humans. Hope you enjoy our slideshow of the incursion. What was your favourite part?


Jungle Habitat under Threat on PhotoPeach

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