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Getting into Term 2

Wow, I am loving the way lots of students from 3/4F are using our blog. It is great hearing about your holidays and your ideas for your Term 2 goals. Well done to Sharna for winning the ‘Where did Mrs Foley go on her holidays?’ challenge. Maryborough is in Victoria just north of Ballarat. Good job for working that out.

Our WOW activity for our new unit, Survival on Earth, was great fun. Everyone in 3/4F worked really well with their teams to identify the right habitat for the right animals and plants. A couple of us got mixed up between the Arctic and Antarctic but top marks to Dylan who got everyone of his photos in the right spot.

I also loved watching Man vs Wild but we won’t talk about what Bear Grylls had to do when he got thirsty in the Kimberleys. (It was gross!)

I think some students in 3/4F are ready to become contributors to our blog. In the next few weeks, I will ask students to make a post on our blog. If you want to be one of the first student contributors you will need to show me you can make a well written comment on one of the posts already on the blog. Think about your grammar and your spelling but, most of all, think about adding some new information to the conversation. You have great ideas in your head. Use them!

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Welcome to Term 2

The holidays are almost over and I am looking forward to getting back to school and seeing all of 3/4F again. During the holidays I visited Maryborough. I also went to see Maldon which is a really pretty little town. I wonder if anyone else has visited a new place during the holidays? If you have, write a comment to let me know. As a extra challenge, see if you can find out where Maryborough is.

In Term 2 our Inquiry topic is Survival on Earth. It is a big topic where we will find out all about this fabulous planet of ours and what it takes to survive. We have some fun activities planned and you get to choose what it is you really want to know more about! I am looking forward to seeing where we go and what we find out.

There will be lots more happening this term in 3/4F. Before you come back to school, start thinking about your goals for Term 2. What do you want to achieve in Reading, Writing, Maths and Social Skills? We will talk about it when we get back to school but I would like you to think about it first. If you already know what you are aiming for let me know. I would love to hear it.

See you on Tuesday.

Mrs Foley