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Intensive Swimming

This week and next 3/4F is enjoying intensive swimming lessons. Every day we head off to the pool for a 45min lesson. We are getting fit and getting heaps better at swimming and we are all looking forward to the fun day next week.

Our lessons didn’t start well. On the first two days our bus didn’t arrive to pick up after our lesson. We had to wait in the heat for nearly 30 mins. Somebody said Miss Bortolin is a jinx and is causing us bad luck but we don’t believe that 😉

Here are some photos of us at swimming.





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To begin our Narrative Writing Unit we got our creative juices flowing with some Snapshot Writing. Here are some of the snapshots that made me laugh 🙂
Cow on Motorbike

Cow on a Motorbike?

Help! Am I dead? I think I am. Ah!! I’m dead. Wait, no I’m not. Hay!! I’m tied up. Let me go, you crazy driver. My head is hanging from this bike! Help me somebody! Help! Help! Wait, I don’t speak human. They think I sound like this: Moo! Moo! This is really annoying. My neck hurts!

by Kim


What are you doing to me?

Hmmm…I wonder what this silly boy is doing to me. Hmmm. I’d like to know. Maybe I should ask him. Umm.. Goo, Goo, Gaa, Gaa. Well, no reaction. Maybe I should try again. Hey boy! Over here! Goo, Goo, Gaa, Gaa, Grrrrrrr! It’s so frustrating!! Why won’t he respond to me? I’ve had enough! It’s time I shouted. GOO, GOO, GAA, GAAAAAAA!!!!  Wow! This time the boy is responding when I shout. Oh no, he’s going to kiss me! Agh! Okay, for some reason he’s smooching me!! Ahhhh!

by Elaine


Flying Car

The Flying Car

One day there was a boy with his Dad in the park next to their house. The boy saw something in a tree. He climbed the tree to get it. It was a magic lamp!

He rubbed it and a genie appeared. The boy called his Dad and told him everything that happened. The genie said, “I will grant you one wish”. The boy said, ” I wish for our car to fly”. “Look at the time. It is time to go”. So they went home. “Let’s get in the car and go flying”. They flew around the world and back home. Mum wondered, “Where are they?” Then she saw the flying car and fainted. The boy and dad carried her back home.

by Dylan




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